Filmmaking is teamwork. This are the heads behind Draufsicht:


Daniel Profil

At SODI I am responsible for the educational work and study montage at the Filmarche.

I think Draufsicht is great, because we learn a lot about what global interrelationships have to do with us here in Berlin. I’ve been with Draufsicht since the second season and took over the editorial management in October 2013.

I think it’s very nice that we bring together a lot of different people in one team and I’m always looking forward to new interested people:

Godlove Dzebam Ayaba

I joined Draufsicht in July 2015 two weeks after I arrived in Germany from Cameroon,  I had not so much broad horizon on Global learning and critical perspective of views of thing from various perspective but the Draufsicht team helped me quite much broaden my scope. I have lived and love to live in Draufsicht as a bonafide member even when am back to Cameroon.



Foto Selina

In addition to my social work studies, I am particularly interested in the question of what a sustainable society can look like in the future. At Draufsicht, we critically examine a wide variety of topics that are relevant and interesting for us as a society.

The topics are determined and researched by ourselves, so that you can bring your interests and ideas to bear and be creative. Since I consider media to be very important not only as an entertainment medium, but also as an educational and politically activist medium, I think it’s great to see the big picture, because here you can learn and gain experience in all film-relevant areas.


I am a welwärts volunteer from Cameroon and I joined Draufsicht in September 2017. I have always been interested in Global learning. Joining Draufsicht has helped me learn more on various topics of global learning. I am glad to be part of this great team of young talented youths.



Hi, I’m Juan from Mexico. Draufsicht gives me the chance to pursue my dreams: working and directing in the field of documentary film. Here I met like-minded, nice people who are committed to social issues. I am very grateful to the Draufsicht team and SODI for the great project and the warm atmosphere. It’s like a second home to me.


Foto Annalena

I am studying journalism and communication studies in combination with political science at the Freie Universität Berlin. In the future I would like to work in the media sector, as a journalist.

I am keen to give a voice to groups that are less present in society. That’s why I like working at Draufsicht. After all, our aim is to show people and events that are not or not sufficiently noticed by mainstream media.


Hi, I’m Tilman studying history in Berlin. During my studies, I concentrated on the history of Sub-Saharan Africa and was interested in developing policy contexts, both privately and professionally. Above all, a cultural exchange between the Global South and the North is very important to me. I am therefore very pleased to be able to combine this interest in content with my hobby of photography and film at top view.

I am very much looking forward to participating in the following projects as well and to getting a multi-perspective view of global contexts through the work in the Draufsicht team and the variety of topics.


Hi, I’m Marc and studying documentary film directing at the Filmarche Berlin. Draufsicht connects my interest in political and social topics with filmmaking – that’s why I have been part of the editorial team since the beginning of 2017. And because we are such a great group, I will certainly stick to it for a long time!


My name is Hannes and I’m 24 years old. I study at the Filmarche in Neukölln in the area of camera. I am at Draufsicht because I want to use my camera work to deal with political issues and sensitize people to them.


I am Freerk  and in charge of public relations at Draufsicht. When I’m not working on the next video description, I do my master’s degree at the University of the Arts. I am at Draufsicht because this team works on a great project: Building a fair future for everyone!


Hi, my name is Marie and I am currently studying journalism, communication and political science at Freie Universität Berlin.

In October 2016, I first heard about Draufsicht and was enthusiastic about the idea of establishing a connection between local and global problems and presenting solutions. I think it is important to address issues that the established media often do not adequately address. Draufsicht gives minorities a mouthpiece and presents different perspectives.

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