Draufsicht Global

Draufsicht Global – What is it?

Draufsicht consists of two film teams: Draufsicht Bamenda in Cameroon, and Draufsicht Berlin in Germany. When we work on films together, we call ourselves Draufsicht Global.

How do you work with a distance of over 5000km?

It’s definitely not easy! And without the Internet, it would be almost impossible.

But we don’t just produce our films from a distance. With the support of “Weltwärts Begegnungen” a team of Draufsicht Bamenda visited Berlin in 2018. Together we have considered what contributes to inequality in our societies and what a world in which opportunities are more evenly distributed could look like. Three amazing films were made in this time! In 2019 Draufsicht Berlin will visit the team in Cameroon