Let's Keep Peace

This video differs from our usual videos. But the current situation in Cameroon makes it necessary. The conflict between government troops and separatists endangers not only our cooperation project, but above all the lives of our colleagues and friends in Cameroon and their families.

Therefore, Draufsicht Bamenda produced this video together with the Young African Leaders Initiative Nigeria Cohort Three.

Godlove Dzebam:

”Considering the Sociopolitical tensions that have been plaguing the English-speaking Regions of Cameroon since 2016, many young people have become engaged with the militia group called ”Ambazonia Defence Forces”. The group had several fighting exchanges with the military of Cameroon and the results have been the loss of lives, thousands of refugees and internally displaced people, shot down of most schools, a rise of poverty and teenage pregnancies… We are sure that this short film will reach to someone to reflect on the cries of the population and peace can have its last chance’.’

We support this wish. – Let’s keep peace!

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