Let’s go everywhere #SDG10

A young journalist from Cameroon goes to Germany for a conference and decides to stay in Europe. Soon she has to face the consequences of illegal immigration. When she is finally deported to Cameroon, she gathers the broken pieces of her life and engages in the fight for freedom of movement…

People from most African countries face great challenges to get a visa to enter an EU Member state while at the same time, it is very easy for EU citizens to come to African countries. ”Let’s Go Everywhere”, shows inequalities that exist among nations like they are targeted by the UN Sustainable Development Goal Nr. 10: “Reducing inequality within, from and between countries”.

“I often see the faces of applicants going in for visa in the German consular service in Yaounde synonymous to cows going into a slaughterhouse where their fate is death and in this case visa denial. Maybe the world becomes better when people know they can move out of their countries and return. I am pretty sure that then the Mediterranean Sea will not be a burial space for many who are chasing their dreams.”

– Dzebam Godlove (Founder of Draufsicht Bamenda)

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