Our mission statement for Draufsicht

We want to ask ourselves the following questions in the conception of each of our programmes:

  1. To what extent does my contribution make room for marginalized/unheard voices/perspectives with regard to the topic dealt with in it?
  2. What does this theme have to do with the reality of our viewers’ lives? Do I present concrete options for action for each individual?
  3. When selecting interview partners, did I first look for less dominant voices? For example: POC/black, women or people with disabilities.
  4. Do I open power structures? For example, do I show who dominates the discourse on a particular topic and who exercises decision-making and defining power?
  5. Is the topic being introduced in a comprehensible way? Can everyone understand my reasoning and do I try not to use any technical jargon that is difficult to understand?
  6. Do I also think marginalized groups as my target group/viewers?
  7. Can my interviewees refer to current prevailing opinions on the subject in order to analyse/conflict them?
  8. Does my contribution refer to global connections?