February Updates on the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

It is February again, One year the Governor of the North West Region of Cameroon Mr. Adolph Lele Afrique instituted curfew, the crisis seem to get worst by the day as it is an armed conflict at the moment, it baffles the administrators I guess.

The United Nations estimates internally displaced persons to be about 430.000 persons, this baffles despite “solutions” from the Government void of dialogue, it baffles everyone concerned.

The Ambazonian Fighters on “Ground Zero” ordered a Shutdown of the North West and South West Regions that started from the 4th February to the 15th February. During this period, there is basically no movement of both private and public transport vehicles across the Region, no businesses open talk of less of schools whose doors have cobwebs, these baffles many who ask why the people have to go through this in house long stay. Of course it is said to prevent Government from celebrating the 11th February which is a historical date since 1961 (We do this for another date)

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Professor Maurice Kamto on Saturday 26th January 2019 had a protest March in Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Mbouda with one of the reasons calling for Mr. Biya to have a dialogue with the Ambazonian Leadership to end the crisis, unfortunately they met heavy brutality of the police. Two prominent party members were shot on the legs according to the party, live bullets were used and the Government refutes this that the military is professional so they did not do this. This baffles me so much how “professionalism” can lead to pain of others.

The United States of America has suspended aid worth 17 million dollars to the military forces of Mr. Biya’s Government. This baffles the Government I guess because they had been promised to fight terrorism together. Interesting a day after, the US Ambassador to Cameroon visits Cameroon’s Communication Minister to reaffirm friendship ties between the two countries. This baffles me as I read this article:  US cuts aid to Cameroon over human rights concerns

Since January 5th 2018 that the Interim Leader of Ambazonia Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was arrested in Nigeria, some say kidnapped and brought to Yaoundé for judgments, steps ahead seem steps behind. Appearing in Court on the 7th February 2019, the judges from the government appoint two new persons to serve as interpreters since bilingualism in Cameroon is not bilingual a times it just baffles me. Now the case is adjourned for the 20th February 2019. I fear another ghost town again that may make it longer stay indoors for the population.

On the 23rd of February 2019, is the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope that brings athletes from different parts of the world, it baffles me that this race that is supposed to be in Buea for some reasons the medical test is conducted in  Douala for athletes.

Civilians, military and “Amba Fighters” keep losing precious lives by the day, looting, burning of properties, massive arrest, kidnappings, rape is on the increase.

It baffles me that the International Community is silent.

It baffles me that we are just quiet by some handiwork of fate to watch mayhem continue.

I try to be fair though it’s obvious the ocean ends at the shore.

This assessment of the current situation in the west of Cameroon comes from Drausicht Bamenda. The conflict in the English-speaking part of the country is currently threatening not only our cooperation project but also the lives of our colleagues, friends and their families.