How Fracking is not Only Destroying the Environment

Mexico is an oil producing country, which has depended for decades on oil to fund its public system. This means that a great deal of money for public services has been coming from petroleum. But there is a problem: Less and less oil can be extracted from common oil wells.

Fracking is extracting petroleum and gas from extremely low capacity reserves in the earth by injecting a cocktail of substances at high pressure to release small amounts of oil and gas, and leave poisons slowly filter their way into water bodies. It constitutes a rapist relationship with the environment.

Fracking might delay the moment when oil is running out. But the social costs are violence, refugees, and environmental degradation. It is very narrow-minded to delay the transition to renewable energy. And we not only depend on oil for energy. We depend on oil for very important things such as healthcare.

But what can you do as an individual? Inform yourself, be critical and demand from your politicians that they work towards the transition to renewable energies.

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