Think global – Act local!

What is Draufsicht? We are an international team and make critical films on topics such as sustainability, gender, racism and inequality. With our videos we want to find local answers to global questions. In Bamenda and Berlin we regularly deal with the backgrounds of poverty, discrimination and global injustice.

In our editorial offices in Germany and Cameroon we work on our own videos, but also realize joint projects. You can find our documentaries and short films on YouTube!

Think global – Act local!

A look beyond the horizon! Historically grown power structures influence the world in which we live together. With “Draufsicht” we want to focus on our own responsibility, options for action and projects, but also dare to tackle major political issues. Fair consumption and individual expressions of solidarity alone are not enough to shift the global imbalances. We therefore want to take up perspectives that question the global political status quo.

Why we do what we do

What is not reported does not take place. A critical look at the press, radio and television shows that the mainstream and popular media only report one-sidedly on global developments and that there is no great diversity of opinions. The press focuses on the “big” political actors and institutional policy. Little attention is paid to small non-governmental organisations and alternative issues. However, recipients like you and I often only become aware of important topics through the media.

What is in our power? Globalisation begins in front of ou doorstep. That’s why our film teams in Berlin and Bamenda are looking for answers to global questions. We introduce local initiatives and actors who develop creative ideas to turn global power relations upside down – here and elsewhere.

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